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Some advice for successful brand management

Plan Your Brand Launch Well in Advance
Plan Your Brand Launch Well in Advance

A well-planned brand launch enables you to reengage with existing customers, attract new ones, and significantly boost sales. A poorly planned launch creates confusion and customer backlash. You’ve only got one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you get it right by planning early and thoroughly.

Make Your Brand Launch Part of a Larger Story

By elevating your brand launch and connecting it to a story bigger than the brand itself, you give the transition a more meaningful purpose than just the need to refresh your logo.

Finalize All Touchpoints Before the Brand Launch

Your brand can be experienced in number of different ways-website, social media channels, marketing collateral, signage, business cards, stationary system, email signatures, advertising initiatives—the list goes on. Each of these touchpoints requires a different lead time to finalize. Make a plan.

Identify Key Audiences in the Brand Launch Sequence

Apart from your customers, who are the stakeholders your brand launch will affect? These types of stakeholders can be invaluable allies and ambassadors of the brand, helping to spread a positive, influential message about its new incarnation.

Start Your Brand Launch Internally

It’s crucial to begin your brand launch internally before introducing it to the world at large. Your employees are your brand’s most important ambassadors. Your internal launch should include the release of brand guidelines. They are the brand’s storytellers on the front lines.

Unveil Your New Brand to the World

Make sure you have a strategy in place to do away with old iterations that will cause confusion in the marketplace. Lastly, it’s wise to put in place a system for collecting feedback on the new brand to ensure that the rollout has been well received. Any consumer confusions should be addressed immediately.

Stay the Course

A properly executed brand launch is only the beginning. What lies ahead is the future of your new brand and the many ways that your customers will experience it. A successful brand launch sets the stage for new content creation, marketing campaigns, advertising initiatives, and more. Be creative go on, remember brand is a living, dynamic entity that requires continual maintenance to survive.

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